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Rise Legs, a startup organization based in Bangalore manufactures prosthetic legs out of locally-available cane. For my class EC.722 D-Lab Prosthetics, my team was partnered with Rise Legs to design a product to attach the variable cane legs to standard pyramid receivers/adaptors. We designed a cost-effective and easily manufacturable mount consisting of two mechanisms: one for clamping onto the cane legs and one for adjusting height while attaching to standard parts. Two of my team members went to Rise Legs in India to test out the mount with users and iterate on the design.

My Contribution

I served as the team leader for this project, delegating tasks to the rest of my team members. I designed both the clamp and the mount and contributed to the fabrication of both. I made the SOLIDWORKS model of the clamp which was used to water jet the clamps. I also helped with the Instron testing and graphed the data using MATLAB.

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