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What is 2.008?

2.008 is a class focused on learning the fundamentals and applications of a variety of manufacturing processes. Throughout the semester, teams of 5 to 6 people design, execute, and evaluate the manufacturing of a 50 identical yo-yos. Additive manufacturing, CNC machining, injection molding, and thermoforming are used to prototype and manufacture the tooling and yo-yos.


The Shio-yo is a ramen themed yoyo; drawing from real shio ramen, the yo-yo looks like a typical bowl of ramen with common toppings: egg, fishcake, and seaweed. The base bowl, red snap ring, egg white and yolk, and fish cake are injection molded, totaling to 5 injection molded parts per half, while the seaweed is thermoformed. All injection molding tooling was CNC machined, while the thermoforming die was 3D printed.

My Contribution

I focused on making the egg yolk molds along with another teammate. Since the egg yolk parts were so small, we made a multi-cavity mold, which allowed us to produce 11 egg yolks from 1 mold. This greatly reduced our cycle time for each egg yolk part and shortened our overall production time for all of the injection molded parts. The molds were designed in MasterCAM and CNC machined. My teammate and I optimized the parameters for injection molding the egg yolk part and ran the production of the egg yolk part.


I also contributed to the injection molding of the other parts, thermoforming of the seaweed, painting the pink swirls on the fish cakes, and assembling the yoyos.

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