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Imperial Arm

For my class 2.007 Design and Manufacturing I, each student had the semester to design and fabricate a robot to compete in a Star Wars themed competition using only the standard kit of materials available to each student. The game board had multiple tasks robots could complete to score points in the competition. I chose to build a robot that would go up to the second level of the game board using the elevator and hang two stormtroopers on a 3 foot tall shelf. I designed my robot, which I called Imperial Arm, with a telescoping arm with two degrees of freedom controlled with just one motor to lift the stormtroopers 3 feet while still being compact enough to fit the size constraints.


Each student makes their own robot in 2.007, so I did all of the design and fabrication of my robot myself. I designed the telescoping arm mechanism in SOLIDWORKS. I used a water jet to fabricate the metal parts of the arm and a lathe to fabricate the delrin pieces that functioned as both sliding constraints and pulleys. I design my winch to be made of just one piece of delrin so it could be directly mounted to the motor, and I fabricated it using a lathe. Analysis of required torque informed my choice of motors for the robot.

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