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For my class 2.00b Toy Product Design, each team was tasked with designing a game that fit under the theme of "Intrigue." Our team built a game, Mazed & Confused, where the player has to beat their opponent to the end of the maze that the players both design with modular wall pieces. But there's a twist - the mice are failed brain control experiments and don't listen to your controls. Left may be forward and right may be backwards - it's up to the player to figure out the controls before their opponent to get to the end of the maze first.


My Contribution

For this project, we split the team into electronics and design. I led the five person team and was directly involved with all of the design work. I designed the mouse shell in SOLIDWORKS, 3D printed them, and painted them. I also designed the logo for Mazed & Confused and the layout for the game board. The game board was laser cut using acrylic and yellow acrylic was inlaid into the blue acrylic.

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