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Sarah Tress Headshot 2019.jpg


I'm currently doing a MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Oxford as a 2019 Rhodes Scholar. I graduated from MIT with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in the spring of 2019. I'm broadly interested in the intersection of engineering and development, and looking to further explore the intersection of these spaces with climate change. Over the past three years, I've been working on Loop, a low-cost inflatable wheelchair seat cushion. Loop started out as just a personal idea and has blossomed into a product and team that has shaped my experiences since its inception. 

Loop showed me how little I understood about the broader development structure I was operating in. I am studying for the MPhil in Development Studies to gain a better understanding of the field and engage in a highly critical manner. I plan to return to the engineering field after my studies at Oxford, and hope that my two years at Oxford will allow me to come back into the engineering field with a new perspective and positioning. 

Outside of my studies, I spend my time playing soccer, working out, traveling, learning photography, practicing art, and reading.

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